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  • JEDEC Standard
  • DDR3 Speed Grade : 1333Mbps
  • Unbuffered DIMM : 240-pin
  • Memory Organization : x8 FBGA DRAM chip
  • DDR3 DRAM interface : SSTL_15
  • CAS latency : 9-9-9
  • Bandwidth : 10600MB/s
  • VDD voltage : 1.5+-0.075V
  • VDDQ voltage : 1.5+-0.075V
  • Serial presence detect with EEPROM
  • PCB height : 1.18 inch
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Application : Desktop
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    Available from 1GB to 8GB. Apacer's DDR3 1333 MHz Unbuffered-DIMM module provides higher performance and lower power consumption, making it ideally suited for use in desktops.

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