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Industrial MicroSDHC


  • Compliant with SD 3.0 Specification
  • Support SD mode and SPI mode
  • Global Wear-Leveling and Block Management
  • Low Power Consumption
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With the increasing popularity of portable electronics, compact-sized and high-capacity storage solutions have gone mainstream. In view of the importance of size and durability for a portable device, Apacer today launched the first industrial-grade MicroSDHC memory card featuring the capacity of up to 32GB. One of the highlights is its firmware and major components that can be fixed right after customer’s recognition and validation. This reduces the risk of out-of-stock and compatibility issues by providing customers stable supply and high reliability.


*The actual available memory on the device is less than what is listed on the package. This is due to small discrepancies in file formats and algorithms used by various operating systems. In addition, a portion of memory space is reserved for system files and data sectors for better performance.

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General Specifications Industrial MicroSDHC H1-M_Specification Sheet English All 705.00kb 2015/01/13 Industrial MicroSDHC H1-M_Specification Sheet
General Specifications Industrial microSDHC_M_Specification Sheet English All 531.00kb 2014/09/01 Industrial microSDHC_M_Specification Sheet
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