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  • Diversified colors
  • Pen cap design, no cap will be lost
  • Bundled with ACE software and extend flash drive up to magnificent 5x capacity
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Explore Your Own Personal Style among Diversified Colors
The new AH223 comes in colored middle frames radiant with five dazzling hues: Emerald Green, Crystal Yellow, Ocean Blue, Exotic Pink and Elegant Gray, all having a base color of Ivory White on the body, and thus users can showcase their unique personalities with rich coloration. And besides the shiny, streamlined and avant-garde appearances, AH223 also features its compactness and pen cap design, reaching a perfect balance among quality, performance, and functionality! 


*The actual available memory on the device is less than what is listed on the package. This is due to small discrepancies in file formats and algorithms used by various operating systems. In addition, a portion of memory space is reserved for system files and data sectors for better performance.

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Type Description Language OS Size Release Date Download Note
Driver AH223 Win98 Driver English Win98 3.17MB AH223 Win98 Driver
Type Description Language OS Size Release Date Download Note
Utility ACE Compressor 2.0.10 English/Chinese Win2000/XP/Vista 429.00kb 2012/05/09 ACE Compressor 2.0.10
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