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  • Super Speed USB3.0 2.5" External Hard Drive
  • Smart Power Management
  • Elegant Aluminum Enclosure with a Built-in Anti-shock Design
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USB 3.0 is no doubt the latest and most popular technology of the year. Yet, USB 3.0 desktops and laptops are no longer new surprises for the rapidly changing technology field. AC430 USB3.0 external HDD. With read and write speed up to 92MB and 85 MB per second, the newly unveiled AC430 is three times faster than USB 2.0 equivalent models. It can save you a whopping amount of time and is the best option for you to enter into the USB 3.0 generation. AC430, available in capacities are 500GB & 640GB.

Adding to its versatility and adaptability, Apacer’s AC430 is now certified with Microsoft Windows 7 compatibility. AC430 will be the best choice for users seeking seamless compatibility in storage solution and operating system .

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