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Apacer Takes the Lead in mini-SATA SSD Market:SDM II M1 compliant with JEDEC MO-300 standard

( Mar 17, 2010 ) Bookmark and Share

ollowing the MO-297 as the standard for 1.8-inch slim SSD (solid state drive), JEDEC recently announced yet another standardized specification MO-300 for mSATA SSD. In order to make the first move in the embedded/mobile device market, Apacer—the global memory module leader—today officially launches the SATA module solution that meets this specification: SDM (SATA Disk Module) II M1 which provides a variety of options for the OEM customers. Because it utilizes 52-pin goldfinger mSATA connector and has the mini PCIe form factor (50.8mmx29.8mm), SDM II M1 goes downsized by about 75% as compared to the typical 2.5” SATA SSDs. Advantaged by its small form factor, SDM II M1 has won the recognition of many international giants, and is successfully being introduced to many mobile communications devices.

Apacer Technology's latest product SDMII M1 utilizes the high-reliability flash memory SLC (single-level cell) and follows JEDEC MO-300's mSATA SSD specification standards in terms of design, size and connector interface. It has a 52-pin goldfinger mSATA connector and supports SATA 3.0 Gb/s transmission interface, with a maximum sequential read/write speed of up to 100/100 MB/sec and capacities available in 4GB - 32GB. To be more securely attached to the motherboard, the product features paired screw holes on its bottom, designed to enhance system safety while reducing vibration and shake.

To meet different customer requirements in terms of product cost, Apacer has launched SDM II M1-M featuring MLC (Multi-Level Cell) flash memory for this product line, with its sequential read/write speed of up to 95/50 MB/sec and capacities available in 4GB - 64GB. In addition, in order to boost the product reliability, SDM II M1 and SDM II M1-M both boast many technological advantages, including Global Wear Leveling, S.M.A.R.T technology, 8-bit/15-bit ECC function and intelligent power failure recovery function. Compliant with the stringent U.S. military standard of MIL-STD-810F, it is a storage solution with high-speed performance and product quality.

Mass production of SDMII M1 and SDMII M1-M has been commenced. Samples are available to customers for assessment and testing from today.

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