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Apacer Releases High-Speed and Energy-Saving DDR3 Memory Module
Specifically Compatible with Lynnfield Based Server
The Adoption of Distinctive Fly-By Circuit Design Enhances the Signal Stability

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Since Intel unveils its new reference design, called microserver, recently, "Low Power Consumption" and "High Density" are gradually becoming the mainstream storage solutions for enterprise and business market. Apacer, the professional leading memory manufacturer, now officially releases its memory module series for DDR3 server, featuring high capacity, high-speed processing, and low power consumption in response to this latest technology concept. In addition to being completely compatible with the latest Intel one way server-Lynnfield based server, the memory modules available in 4GB and 8GB can fully enhance the computing performance and effectively reduce the power consumption by 20% through the distinctive Fly-By circuit design and its built-in Thermal Sensor function, thus providing the best options of storage devices with multiple advantages.

Apacer newly releases the latest ECC Registered DIMM memory modules series available in 4GB and 8GB, compatible with the latest Intel Micro Server platform. Apacer insists that the new modules must pass rigid reliability tests and fully support the server platforms based on latest dual-channel Intel Xeon 3400 series processors. In order to satisfy the current demand of servers operating under high density environments, the new modules adopt the distinctive Fly-By circuit design that enables the memory module to work stably with transmission of signals stayed complete in high-frequency operation. Furthermore, the built-in Thermal Sensor allows the system to monitor the memory module for any variance in operating temperatures. Such function can efficiently avoid overheating that results in system failure while optimizing its power efficiency by preventing unnecessary power consumption, which can be minimized for the server.

On the strength of years of experience in server/ workstations product segment, Apacer Technology has developed a wide range of memory module specifications for memory modules dedicated to servers. All products have undergone stringent environmental testing (including high/low temperature and high/low voltage tests) and on-board testing, and have been verified by the platforms of major manufacturers. The memory modules demonstrate excellent compatibility and stability when applied to the host system, meeting the requirements of server workstations. With insistence on offering quality products with high reliability and compatibility as well as sound customization service, Apacer Technology is committed to delivering impeccable product performance for customers.

Appendix A: Apacer DDR3 ECC Registered DIMM with Heat Spreader Specification

Model Name DDR3 4GB & 8GB 1066 ECC Registered DIMM
Capacity 4GB & 8GB
DRAM Type  128Mx8/256Mx8
 Voltage  1.5V±0.075V
PIN  240 Pin
Cas Latency   1066-CL7
JEDEC Standard  Yes
RoHS Compliant  Yes
Warranty  Limited Lifetime Warranty

Appendix B: Apacer DDR3 ECC Registered DIMM with Heat Spreader Part Number

Part  Number  Description
78.B2GCE.AF2 4GB PC3-8500 CL7 128Mx8 ECC REG DIMM
78.CAGD3.AF2 8GB PC3-8500 CL7 256Mx8 ECC REG DIMM

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