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APACER GETS AWARDED FOR MEMORY EXPERTISE - The Taiwan Government Awards Apacer for Ranking Top 10 in Export Growth

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SAN JOSE, CA - May 21, 1999 - Apacer Memory America Inc., the high-quality memory solutions provider, was awarded by the Administrator of the Taiwan government for ranking top 10 in export growth in the industry. Apacer won the Gold Award from the Board of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Republic of China (MOEA of ROC) in the ceremony hosted by MOEA on May 24, 1999. Among the ten companies awarded, Apacer was the only one specialized in computer memory. Apacer ranked in the top 7 in export growth in 1998. The total export for Apacer in 1998, compared to 1997 indicated an impressive growth rate of 431%. Apacer has worldwide sales channel and global logistics to provide Just-in-Time service to Taiwan in Asia, San Jose in USA and Canada, and the Netherlands in Europe. The Apacer sales revenue for 1998 was $280 million, and the sales revenue forecast for 1999 indicates substantial growth as well.

Apacer's global logistics and operations capabilities have been key to the company's success in the relatively short time that it`s been established. This is no small feat in the ever-challenging worldwide memory industry. Apacer has developed its strengths in global sourcing and local purchasing by shortening the distribution pipeline to local customers, while at the same time increasing inventory controls and management to ensure maximum efficiency, minimum overhead, and working capital expenses. This global network of integrated operations continues to grow, keeping Apacer at least a step ahead of the competition.

Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, Apacer Memory America Inc. is a member of the Acer group, a leader in the worldwide PC industry. Leveraging more than 20 years experience, Apacer is able to draw upon a vast pool of technical design expertise, manufacturing experience, and innovative management style that helped make the Acer group the US$6 billion worldwide operation today. This knowledge and expertise of the memory industry makes Apacer one of the few memory makers with the capability to develop high capacity and leading technology products. Apacer works with strategic partners within the semiconductor industry, motherboard manufacturers, and system integrators to ensure that its memory products are compatible with all PC systems. Apacer remains consistently focused on providing its customers with complete satisfaction through its high-quality line of memory products through a sales channel that serves the needs of customers worldwide.

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